Our Bangers

We only use local, Pasture Raised Pork which we get direct from the farm.

I make two types of pork and chicken bangers. I use absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives in my sausages. I do add a small amount of homemade rusk which is necessary for that distinctive banger texture, and to keep the sausages moist without artificial additives.

Pork Bangers

I have already mentioned the importance of rusk in achieving the correct texture in the bangers. Rusk is twice baked bread that is then finely ground. We make ours with Eureka Mills Stone Ground Bread Flour which contains no additives and is unbleached.

Another part of achieving the correct texture and juiciness of the banger is in how the meat is trimmed before grinding. I use pork shoulder which is extremely well trimmed of sinew, silver skin and visceral fat. This produces a lot of offcuts, but these are not wasted as they go into the stock pot. Bangers require a liquid component and I like to use my homemade pork stock in place of water for added flavour. I use natural pork casing for the sausages.

Chicken Bangers

I use Pasture Raised chickens from Blue Orange Farm in the Natal Midlands. They are perfect for the sausages, large and full of flavour. I use the whole bird and, like the pork bangers, I make homemade chicken stock from the trimmings to add to the sausage mix. The garlic is slow roasted as whole heads which gives a deep, rounded garlic flavour. I use natural lamb casings for the sausages.

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