Our Bacon

We only use local, Pasture Raised Pork which we get direct from the farm.

I make two styles of streaky bacon which I call “Breakfast” and “House Special“.
My bacon is dry cured and then hot smoked with either Hickory or Oak Wood. Hickory produces a medium strength smoke whilst Oak produces a heavier smoke. I have given more detail of my methods below.

These are packaged either traditionally sliced or as Bacon lardons.

House Special Bacon – Sliced
This is more robust with savoury flavours of garlic and bay leaf. It stands up to the Oak smoke especially well.
The Bacon is packed in 185g portions please see ‘Shop‘ page for pricing.

Bacon Lardons – Cubed
Bacon lardons are neatly cut cubes of Bacon ( not “bacon bits” ), very convenient and great for pastas, soups, salad sprinkles etc.
The Bacon Lardons are packed in 150g portions, please see ‘Shop‘ page for pricing.

Why Dry Cure

Control – I am able to measure exactly how much cure and seasonings get added to the meat by weight. I do use Nitrite in my cure, however I use the absolute minimum required to do the job and remain safe. Nitrite inhibits microbial activity and produces the distinctive colour and flavour of bacon and ham. I use absolutely no Nitrates in my cures.

• Flavour – dry curing takes 7 days which allows for full flavour development unlike commercial wet brines and quick cures which are only a day or two.

• Water Content –Wet brines introduce brine into the bacon. This then cooks out in the pan, that white watery stuff that you see with commercial bacons, that leads to substantial shrinkage. Dry cured bacon does not do this and so shrinks much less and has a more intense flavour.

Why Hot Smoke

For me, hot smoking produces a much more rounded flavour with more depth than cold smoked bacon. I hot smoke at 95ºC to and internal meat temperature of 65ºC. There is an overall weight loss of 15 % during the process but this serves to intensify flavour and as it is essentially now “ pre-shrunk “ this also reduces shrinkage in the pan as a

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