Pork and Apple Bangers



We only use local, Pasture Raised Pork which we get directly from the farm.

We do all of our own butchery and use absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives in our sausages. We get our pork from two farmers, Hendrik O’Neil near Bela Bela and Japie Nel in the North West.

Pork Bangers

A “Banger” is actually a style of pork sausage although it has become synonymous with all pork Sausages in recent times. They are a very British style with a fine grind and the addition of wheat rusk.

For our Traditional Bangers and Pork and Apple Bangers, we add a small amount of homemade rusk along with fresh pork stock, which is necessary for that distinctive banger texture, and to keep the sausages moist without artificial additives. Rusk is twice baked bread that is then finely ground. We make ours with Eureka Mills Stone Ground Bread Flour which contains no additives and is unbleached.

We also have gluten free bangers in which we use white rice flour.

Another part of achieving the correct texture and juiciness of the banger (whilst avoiding chemical additives), is in how well the meat is trimmed before grinding. This has to be carefully done, with all of the trimmings going into the stock pot and the stock used to add extra flavour in the Bangers. We use natural pork casing for the sausages.


Pork Sausages

Our Farmhouse and Sicilian Salsiccia sausages are a more rough ground style and don’t have any binder or stock added. The Bind in these is also achieved without chemical additives through careful trimming, grinding, mixing and temperature control

These are both gluten free. 



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