Bacon Selection



We only use local, Pasture Raised Pork which we get directly from the farm.

We make two types of bacon.

Our streaky House Special bacon is made from the pork belly and is dry cured and then hot smoked with natural Oak.

These are packaged either traditionally sliced House Special Bacon or as Bacon lardons, which are neatly cubed cuts of streaky bacon perfect on pastas, soups or pizzas

Our Back Bacon is made from the pork loin, which is brine cured and the also hot smoked with natural Hickory


Why Hot Smoke

For me, hot smoking produces a much more rounded flavour with more depth than cold smoked bacon. I hot smoke at 95ºC to and internal meat temperature of 65ºC. There is an overall weight loss of 15 % during the process but this serves to intensify flavour and as it is essentially now “pre-shrunk“ this also reduces shrinkage in the pan as a bonus!


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