The Little Deli

With the amazing kitchen and facilities that we have available to us at The Little Deli, we can continue to introduce new products all the time. We love the creative process of developing new recipes and products so we can continuously look forward to many new additions.

Free pasture chicken, directly from the farm
Whole Chicken – R92.50 p/kg

Drums – R114.50 p/kg
Thighs – R119.50 p/kg
Wings – R95.50 p/kg
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless) – R129.50

Salami – R419.00 p/kg

Blue Cheese – R36.50

Tuna – R34.00
Country Pâté
 with Ham – R299.99 p/kg
Country Pâté with Mushrooms – R299.99 p/kg

Cheese and Rosemary Straws – R32.50
Cheese Straws – R32.50

Vegetable Dolmades – R120 p/kg

Olive and Mozzarella Tapas – R52.50

Pavlova Stack
Box Set (Small) – R65.00

Box Set (Medium) – R130.00
Box Set (Large) – R150.00

Choice of plain, Coconut or Chocolate

Pavlova Toppings
Berry Sauce – R32.00

Granadilla Pulp – R39.50
Chocolate Ganache – R37.50