Chicken and Herb Bangers


Gluten Free

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We only use local, Pasture Raised Chicken which we get directly from the farm.

We do all of our own butchery and use absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives in our sausages. All of our chicken bangers are gluten free.

I use Pasture Raised chickens from two farms, Blue Orange Farm in the Natal Midlands and The Old Mill Farm in Magaliesburg. They are perfect for the sausages, large and full of flavour. I use the whole bird and, like the pork bangers, I make homemade chicken stock from the trimmings to add to the sausage mix along with brown rice flour for a juicy sausage free of chemical additives. The garlic in our Chicken, Lemon and Roast garlic bangers is slow roasted as whole heads which gives a deep, rounded garlic flavour. I use natural lamb casings for the sausages.


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