Our Ranges

These are the ranges that we currently produce here at The Little Deli. We make nearly everything we offer, from scratch, right here in our own kitchens, using real ingredients and Farm to Table Produce.

Authentic food is all about making wholesome, delicious food using real ingredients. We are passionate about avoiding preservatives and artificial additives. We only use pasture raised, ethical meat, sourced directly from the farmer. Our whole range is handmade, in small batches, here at The Little Deli.

We are strictly farm to table, sourcing our pork and chicken directly from truly pasture raised (open living) farms. We do all of our own butchery and produce our whole range using only authentic techniques, here in our kitchen at The Little Deli.

We hand make all of the sausages in small batches, we dry cure and hot smoke our bacons, brine and team our hams and ribs as well as hang and mature (patiently) our salamis.

With the amazing kitchen and facilities that we have available to us at The Little Deli, we can continue to introduce new products all the time. We love the creative process of developing new recipes and products so we can continuously look forward to many new additions.

The Tea Cakes range was born out of Carina’s passion for French patisserie as well as a single-minded determination to master the temperamental but delicious canelé, a speciality of Southern France.

Our range has expanded to include other French patisseries as well as some local classics.